Medical Debt Affects 73,000,000 Working-Age Adults


H. R. 2086

What if you were financially stable, had some money in the bank saved for a down payment for a home, and just paid off medical bills from three years ago that the Insurance Company finally cut checks for?

Medical Collection Companies are more and more taking the hard line about insisting the rules apply that reporting of derogatory information of any kind be reported from the date of the last transaction.  This bill seeks to fix this unfair reporting practice on Medical Accounts.

Insurance payments for medical services is very confusing.  A short stop in an Emergency Room can generate multiple bills.  The consumer thinks everything is covered only to discover a couple of the bills never made it to the insurance company’s claims department.  Sure the consumer receives the bill, so they are waiting for the insurance company to make the determination on what should be paid, and how much, and what is not covered.  Two and half years later you go to qualify for a loan only to discover there are derogatory (negative record) entries on your credit profiles.  Once the dust settles, and everyone has been paid, the paid collection account is still haunting you.

Please write your Congressman and encourage him or her to pass this very important piece of legislature as soon as possible.

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