CitiBank Announces Fee Increases on their Checking Accounts; Even the Basic One

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The banks have gone off the deep-end on their push to gratify their investors, and keep their executives in a lavish lifestyle on the backs of the middle-class!

CREDIT UNIONS are the answer folks!  Check it out.  Most are part of a huge network that would rival any of the banks in terms of getting service.  ATMs, Deposits, and Withdrawals can be done at most any Credit Union in the country.

Many of the Credit Unions offer interest bearing checking accounts with no minimum balance.  Why pay any fees to enjoy all the services of a bank, and none of the expense.

If you are in the Austin Area I highly recommend two Credit Unions to consider.  United Heritage Credit Union, and University Federal Credit Union.  I like the programs and services they offer especially to those just starting out.  Go into a branch and ask them about the extensive network you would have access to as one of their members.

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