Credit Score Improvement Tips

I must start by reminding you that when it comes to making any positive changes to your credit profile, it’s going to take some time.

I seem to be getting more requests on how does one improve their credit score, particularly when once all the bad stuff, if there is any bad stuff, is removed from the credit profile and there is nothing left that helps.  There is a strategy whereby new lines of credit can yield significant results in a fairly short period of time; approximately six months.

I have found one bank that has a variety of programs available that can help establish a positive credit profile in a fairly short period of time.  We also have another program to offer that used in conjunction with the bank’s program could provide a significant positive change in the same period.  This second program is the $5000 credit line offer on my web site.

Those of you with lines of unsecured credit need to manage them in a rather unique way.  First understand that I do not promote taking on debt.  In fact we should operate in the belief that having credit is good; having debt is not.

Best credit scores come from using your credit as a convenience throughout the month then pay them down to within 30% of the available credit, then pay them off as soon as possible.  Rotating the use of your credit accounts is also important to keep the issuing company from closing your account due to inactivity.  Any closure of an account will hurt your credit score.

For more information you can give me a call and /or follow the applicable links on my web site.


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