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I was recently asked if I was offering a different unnamed service or are you working in Credit Repair.  My thought provoked response surprised even me:

I give people their lives back by reviewing their financial situation, counseling them on debt management and planning, and provide resources to clean up and rebuild their credit.

The primary sources for referrals for me are from people in mortgage, business, and financial services. My work helps to set their clients up, so that they can more readily provide their services. Lenders that might otherwise have to pass on a deal may be able to close in 45 to 75-days providing decent rates. Financial services may see $300 to $600 more a month to work with in building a retirement program for their clients. And Business Bankers are requiring more people to personally guarantee any funds they will loan their clients.

Yes, I do credit repair. I also give people their lives back; without charge in some cases.

Here is a Testimonial I received in the last week:

“I have been struggling for a year with unemployment and high debt.  I realized that I needed some help.   After a review of my financial situation, Steve introduced me to an attorney who is assisting me with legal issues.  I now sleep at night!!  The attorney is helping me start my life over through bankruptcy protection.  Not only have I been able to start my own insurance business, I’m starting over debt-free!  And within a year, I’m confident TRW Credit Group of Austin will be able to help clean up my credit.  My goal is to own another home soon.  Steve Gangey is compassionate and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend that you call him so that he can help you too!”

Roberta T., Austin, TX

Many more testimonials are available on my web site’s Testimonial Page .


  1. It depends if its a collection account. Collection account report on your credit for 7 years from the date of last activity. So if you have a collection with $10k and you did not make any type of payments to them, when your reach the 7 year mark it needs to come off of your credit. Now lets say you had it for 6 years and you make a payment to the collection company even for 1 dollar, your 7 years starts from the day you sent in the payment. I hope I made it clear for you.

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